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OK Go on This Too Shall Pass: “It ended up being more like 60 engineers, and five months of work.”

For those (few) people who haven´t seen this awesome video yet: watch it! For those who have already seen it (several times): go read the Q&A session over at Gizmodo with OK Go talking about how they did this piece and their music videos in general. Pretty interesting stuff!

Neri Oxman: On Designing Form

There is a basic question that probably concerns everybody who does creative visual work, “What is the origin of form?” – MIT designer and architect Neri Oxman explores this question in her Ph.D. dissertation and shares her insights in this talk at  pop!tech. Watch it on vimeo and also have a look at Neris website if you like.

Crayon Physics Deluxe

Since it’s 2d week on monophyl here’s more: Crayon Physics is a 2d puzzle game in which your drawings get transformed into physical objects. Looks like great fun!

Andrew Bell: “We are running out of images”

A couple of months ago I was lucky to be introduced to this blog entry which was published by a friend of mine named  Andrew Bell, visual architect @ “The Barbarian Group“. Very interesting, strangely philosophical, good to have read it:

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wow….what beauty one can find in math. Research on a 3D version of the mandelbrot fractal by Daniel White.