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Loom: Online, Full Length

Also: our brandnew website is live. Very well done, PANDA!

Finally: Mobile Trailer is Online

Guess what? Mobile finally made it to the internet- at least a small of part it. It has been over a year since this film written and directed by Verena Fels has been finished as a graduation project at Filmakademie Baden- Württemberg. The short has been wildly successfull at festivals around the world- especially among the younger audience- and is still collecting prices on a regular basis. You can watch lovely Verena and producer Regina Welker picking up an Animago award right here and there is a children´s book wich includes the full movie on DVD. On top, Verena did a stereoscopic version as well- if you have any chance to see it, go for it, it´s awesome!

Disclaimer: I did the Renderman shading and lighting job, while my Polynoid buddy Csaba helped developing look, comp and textures.


Transforma and Yro: ASYNTHOME

Berlin based artist crew transforma and french director Yro are set to premiere their collaborative project “Asynthome” on friday, april 9th at NÉMO LE FESTIVAL DES ARTS NUMÉRIQUES. Asynthome is a Live AV- Performance and the teaser (above) looks awesome. I love how transforma handcraft their stunning visuals and everytime I see some of their work I’m wondering why we are going through the painful process of exclusively using computer generated imagery for our work instead of, you know, “real” life. You just have to watch the making of “synken” to get jealous about the way they work while you’re sitting in front of your screen the whole day. Be sure to check out transforma’s website and their vimeo channel as well as yro’s website, it’s really cool stuff.

Rest in Peace, DARE

Oh, shock! Swiss artist Dare was one of my absolute favourite writers since I started to be interested in streetart as a teenager. Sad news, Sigi von Koeding a.k.a. Dare died on March 6th of cancer being only 42 years old. Thanks Dare for bringing your style and inspriration in this world- nobody will forget you! Here is Dare´s favourite selection of 2009´s pieces over at his blog. Video and some more pics after the break, even more awesome stuff at Dare´s website.


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Beautiful piece by turkish motion designer Onur Senturk. Sound design by Echolab. I love the morphing organic shapes in there. Done so well.

OK Go on This Too Shall Pass: “It ended up being more like 60 engineers, and five months of work.”

For those (few) people who haven´t seen this awesome video yet: watch it! For those who have already seen it (several times): go read the Q&A session over at Gizmodo with OK Go talking about how they did this piece and their music videos in general. Pretty interesting stuff!

Macoto Murayama: The Mechanical Side of Plants

“Machines have an organic side, while plants have a mechanical side” is a quote by japanese artist Macoto Murayama and that´s exactly what his beautiful cg- illustrations of plants show. Having a workflow of examining plants on a microscopic level and then rebuilding the complex biological structures in cg seems to me to be the counterpart to algorithmically building biological structures in 3d, like Daniel White does with his mandelbulb. And that´s where we come back to Murayamas statement: It´s not only possible to find something mechanical in nature, you will also find biological structures in machines or in what machines are made of: math! More pics after the break.

Via wired, pinktentacle and psfk

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Tokyo sky drive

Simple technique but so science fiction. Tokyo I miss you!

I can’t translate/find credits. Can anyone help out?

Recent music videos

In the last weeks some really nice music videos showed up. Here’s a little collection:

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Parisian Love

In times of visuals at power this is a very refreshing Superbowl spot for Google. Director Aaron Duffy shows great sense for storytelling and timing and the guys from 1stAve Machine animated it very precise. The sound work is done by Analogue Muse.

It’s wierd to relize that google search terms are like a language to our generation. I’m sure my mother wouldn’t understand a lot about this spot.