Cheap ICE Tricks #3: Unfold Cards

To avoid going through hell animating this by hand, I recently built a compound for flipping cards. It’s all in one cloud, so you can just copy and paste, move, scale and rotate your rows around. Length and progress are connected to to the nulls’ scaling, but of course you could also connect all of them to a volume, if you don´t want to have extra keyframes on every row. The shape is an instanced grid, which was necessary to move the rotation center of the objects. I’m adding one point at each null´s position and then clone the points and move them towards the parents´edges as well as modifying their rotation. The rest is simply calculating rotations between spaces and stuff and adding a bit of variation. Screenshots after the break- the tree looks a little wild, so feel free to use the comments if there are any questions…

Update: I uploaded the scene file- as said, it’s a little wild and scaling is hardcoded at the time. So use at your own risk, but I think it could be helpful being able to have a closer look at the ICE tree…

Here’s the link:

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6 Responses to “Cheap ICE Tricks #3: Unfold Cards”

  • This is great!, i’m in the process of learning ICE, how did you teach yourself all the nodes and stuff?

  • Hi Mark! Just play around, try everything, have a look at how other people are using it, HAVE FUN with ICE- that worked for us and we´re still happily doing it that way…

  • Great work!
    can you maybe upload the file so that people can learn from it please? this ice tree is really wild that I can’t understand it really good~~

  • Hi, Fabian!
    Correct me if i wrong,
    but it seems to be Unfold_XSI.rar is broken or something.
    I downloaded it with mozilla firefox
    and my winrar archivator can not unpack it(
    Or maybe its a badly working link to this file..

    Sorry for my english.

  • Hi Kezal,

    Thanks for the hint- it’s back now…

  • Thanks a lot! XD

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