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Finally: Mobile Trailer is Online

Guess what? Mobile finally made it to the internet- at least a small of part it. It has been over a year since this film written and directed by Verena Fels has been finished as a graduation project at Filmakademie Baden- Württemberg. The short has been wildly successfull at festivals around the world- especially among the younger audience- and is still collecting prices on a regular basis. You can watch lovely Verena and producer Regina Welker picking up an Animago award right here and there is a children´s book wich includes the full movie on DVD. On top, Verena did a stereoscopic version as well- if you have any chance to see it, go for it, it´s awesome!

Disclaimer: I did the Renderman shading and lighting job, while my Polynoid buddy Csaba helped developing look, comp and textures.